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For in an Small-and-Medium Enterprises (EMS) with less than 250 employees, selling goods and services to foreign markets seems to be more difficult than serving the domestic market. The lack of knowledge for trade regulations, cultural differences, differentlanguages and foreign-exchange situations as well as the strain of resources and staff interact like a block for exporting. Indeed, there are some SMEs which are exporting, but nearly two-third of them sell in only to one foreign market.

  • Financial management effort: To minimize the risk of exchange-rate fluctuation and transactions processes of export activity the financial management needs more capacity to cope the major effort
  • Customer demand: International customers demand more services from their vendor like installation and startup of equipment, maintenance or more delivery services.
  • Communication technologies improvement: The improvement of communication technologies in recent years enable the customer to interact with more suppliers while receiving more information and cheaper communications cost at the same time like 20 years ago. This leads to more transparency. The vendor is in duty to follow the real-time demand and to submit all transaction details.
  • Management mistakes: The management might tap in some of the organizational pitfalls, like poor selection of oversea agents or distributors or chaotic global organization.

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