We invite you to get to know us


We invite you to get to know us


Through its plants in Altamira of San Carlos, it is able to supply customers abroad, in places such as: New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

GAPE has acquired a commitment to excellence, through the implementation of measures that guarantee the proper use of resources and an increase in both the quantity produced on its own production farms and the quality of the product.



In terms of quality, it begins from the careful selection of suppliers and packers, technical assistance, monitoring of production in final tests and high quality control when buying the product. Once the product is transferred to the plant, it is washed, peeled, disinfected, frozen and packed, following strict controls to ensure quality. When the product is ready, pallets are loaded. Subsequently, the container is fumigated and the product together with its quality control documentation is released.  The procedure varies between specific and genetic products, however, the requirements are the same regardless of the packer.


We ensure respect for the responsibilities of each member of our organization, as well as the training of our staff, ensuring that the increase in their knowledge will be reflected in improvements to their quality of life.



The company GAPE PROSANCA SA was born in 1986 with the aim of developing another type of family business different from the one they were engaged in at that time which consisted of selling shoes. It took its first steps in grandmother’s garage with just two tin barrels divided in half for furnishings and with the collaboration of just 4 employees. The first container of finished product, yam, was exported to Los Angeles, California, United States.

Four years after the start of operations, it was possible to acquire the first facilities (a shed) which was located in Guápiles. In this plant fresh products were processed, and a market study was carried out in which the possibility of using secondary value product was determined to create a new product and in this way diversify the product listings, which is where the export of frozen cassava was born.

30 years later, the company has 4 packing plants and exports more than 14 different products, including the most important frozen cassava (GAPE-PROSANCA ALTAMIRITA), pineapple (GAPE PITAL), chayote squash (GAPE CARTAGO), the cassava market being the most influential in the development and economy of the company. Currently it is exported to the states of Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe.


Our strength lies in the fact that we are more than a company, we are a family within the company.

We firmly believe that being a family business is the best guarantee for continuity. Being a family, our company can set its own course, make sustainable decisions, respond quickly to market developments, and continue to invest in innovation, trained staff, and sustainability.

Our staff is the heart of the company. We invest in our people and give them ample opportunities for development.

Our products meet the highest quality standards and make a concrete contribution to the success of our customers. It is our highest priority to guarantee this quality of our products.

Exporting Quality


It will be a pleasure to assist you


It will be a pleasure to assist you